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Roxio Easy VHS to DVD

Note: Also see the review of Roxio Creator 2011 with 3D

I was looking for a way to convert my old VHS tapes to DVD. Roxio looked like my answer. The program has a number of features, from simply converting an entire tape without any editing, to breaking up a tape into segments you want and labeling them. Included is Sound Editor, which converts LPs and audio tapes to digital files.

Roxio VHS conversion products

Roxio VHS conversion products

The package contains the install disk, a USB connector and adapters to connect the computer to the VHS recorder’s RCA cables, and a 27 quarter-page (English only) book of instructions – mostly white space, photos and screen shots. You need to supply the RCA cables – they’re the connectors from the TV to the VHS machine you already have.

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