Focused computer instruction

The computer is a tool. We’re all about helping you use that tool easily, without frustration, to achieve whatever your purpose is. What level of computer instruction do you need  – simple or advanced? Do you just want to turn the machine on, check and respond to your e-mail, write a letter or two and maybe even edit and print some photos – without tearing out your hair? We can make it just as straight-forward as it sounds.

If you seek computer instruction for more advanced topics, we know just how to help you through the maze. We explain complex subjects to our students by relating the topic to their needs – instead of just teaching keystrokes.

We instruct one-on-one or to groups, in person or via video, always with accompanying written step-by-step instructions. First you see the goal, and how to accomplish it. After the visual demonstration, follow the PDF steps to duplicate the result. We are always available for follow-up support by phone.

Of course,  there are times when you just need the work done, and we’re here for you then as well. Reasonable rates, fast turn-around and to your specs. Whether it’s the written word, photographs or illustrations, just call us at 520/751-0061.